Weigh loss has been mystery since a long time. People have been running after crash courses and slimming centers who promise instant results. But most of them are found to be quacks who deliver some instant result but the weight quickly again gains up. So there are no quick gains to be made. A sustainable weight-loss needs a good work out and a good diet plan.

The approach of yoga is different towards weight-loss. Regular practice of Yoga for weight-loss has found to work on the mind as well as body. This helps in controlling binge eating and helps in sustaining the weight loss.Other practices like gym or weight training doesn`t provide such mind control. So we have observed that people even if they lose weight in gym or aerobics they then quickly again gain back their weight.

Our specialized package for weight loss has done wonders and till now many have taken this course with great results.

Intensive Weight-Loss Package by POWER Yoga (Duration 1 month)

You will be following a diet plan given by us for the initial 2 weeks

Phase 1 (Duration 1 weeks) : Preparation of the body by asanas to increase flexibility and stamina.

Phase 2 (Duration 1 week) : Thus phase includes intensive workouts with emphasis on POWER YOGA.

Phase 3 (Duration 1 week) : This phase is the most important phase which will detox your body and change the metabolism of your body. This will also help in losing your weight and also increase your flexibility.

During this phase you will be in special detox diet plan for 1 week.

Phase 4 (Duration 1 week) : Stabilization of weight and Power Yoga.

This 4 week package can do wonders as many people have experienced upto 5 kg sustainable weight loss.

*Offer : If you opt for the second month of general fitness package you will be given 10% discount in general fitness POWER YOGA package.

To make the best use of Intensive weight loss package we would recommend you to take this offer as it help in further stabilization of your weight and will not again increase your weight.