Yoga for joint painJoint problems are increasing day by day due to improper food and lack of exercise. Gone are the days when problems were mostly seen in the aged people. Now, even the young people suffer from the problem and yoga and healthy diet with balanced lifestyle can effectively cure this type of problem.

Joint problems are mostly seen in the knees and the toes especially in the aged people. Also, many aged and the young people suffer from cervical spondalytics and other related diseases due to improper posture or long sitting in the particular position.

Our package for joint problem includes asana like:-

  • Pawan muktasanas(Set of 25 asanas)
  • Exercises for shoulder and neck
  • Ustrasana
  • Paschimottasan
  • Suryanamaskar


  • Kapala bhati
  • Anuloma – viloma

(These asanas are for indicatory purpose. Actual asanas have to be modulated according to the individuals needs)