Children are like flowers in human life.When we see the innocence on the face of children and their beautiful smile, even a stone heart person gives up. But at the same time children are also like budding flowers which needs a utmost attention of the gardener i.e. the parents and teachers.

In this competitive world,children too are under great stress to perform.They have been overburdened by books and they don’t get proper physical exercise.With the advent of social media like facebook and other video games, the children physical exercise has all the more stopped.

Hence there is utmost need to introduce your child to yoga. Yoga can help your child in

  • Physical development
  • Cognitive / Mental Development
  • Emotional development
  • Help in increasing the concentration of students
  • Providing relief to stress caused by too much academic pressure


We have developed specialized package for children in the form which is enjoyable for the children to practice yoga spontaneously.We help the child to practice yoga in form of stories and fables as well as help them to understand the importance of yoga in their daily routine.