Our Vision

We at Pranava Yoga, ¬†offer holistic Yoga with passion to create a healthy and spiritual society which helps in finding and conectiong with ones true “Self”.

Our Belief System

  • Yoga is a “way of life” and not essentially only physical practice.So yoga not only transforms the physical body but also transforms the mental and pranic body leading to change in entire outlook towards life.
  • Yoga is not only for the ones with flexible bodies. Anyone can practice yoga at their level and get the benefits.
  • Yoga system doesn’t mean “One size fits all”. Yoga has to be customized depending upon the requirement, age, and health of a person.
  • Yoga is complete in itself and does not need stylizing. We try to keep Yoga as true to tradition as is possible.
  • Teaching Yoga is an art based on scientific knowledge of the body and its functions.

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