Yoga is an ancient art of living life to the perfection. Yoga is the union of healthy body and sound mind and leads to the gateway of ever blissful soul. Yoga not only helps you physically but also help to you to de-stress your mind.

We are a group of Yoga professionals having trained in various forms of Yoga like Classical Yoga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga from the reputed yoga institutes in the country. We have been providing personal and group yoga classes in Noida, Gurgaon (Gurugram) and Delhi since last 10 years.

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Health Management By Yoga Therapy

Back PainBack-pain-yoga

In present era, most of the people have jobs where they have to sit in particular pose for a long period leading to back pain and cervical problems.To know more about the disease and its yogic treatment.

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Diabetes is called as silent killer. Precaution is the best cure for the disease.Regular practice of Yoga and with diet management, one can cure the problems of diabetes.To know more about the disease and its yogic treatment.

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Thyroid Problems


Thyroid is a common problem found in women. Most common form is hypo-thyroidism leading to increase in weight and decrease in metabolism rate. To know more about the disease and its yogic treatment.

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Joint Pain

Joint-pain-yogaDue to the sedentary lifestyle and absence of exercise,people mostly suffer from joint problems by their mid thirties.Proper practice of yoga and suitable diet can do wonders.To know more about the disease and its yogic treatment.

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Power Yoga For Weight Loss

Have your body lost its old shape and figure? Are you feeling embarrassed about your weight and flab in your body? Gain your lost confidence and get into shape with our Power Yoga. We have designed specially crafted package for sure shot weight loss. Our weight-loss package includes both the dietary consultation with full diet chart coupled with POWER Yoga.

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Get Perfect Figure


I have been practicing under yoga mam for last 1 year.I had joined for yoga classes as I was having thyroid problem and added a lot of weight.Now after 1 year, my thyroid problem has been completely cured and I have also shed 7 kgs.

Ritu Sharma, Housewife, Age 40

I was suffering from chronic rheumatism from last 12 years.I practiced under continuously for 9 months under the supervision of Pranava yoga.I was also given holistic treatment by yoga as well as naturopathy sessions.Now I am completely fit and do all my work comfortably.

Sonia Verma, Teacher, Cambridge School Age 37
Gr Noida,

I was suffering from acute back pain from last 5 years. I did daily yoga practice in Pranava Yoga and now I am totally fit. After taking class from Pranava Yoga, I understood the importance of living in sync with nature and it also changed my lifestyle.

Anjan Saksena, Manager, Wipro
Gr Noida,

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